Friday, June 09, 2006

The Republicans are hunting Big Bird...again

Unbelievably the Republicans in Congress have decided to impose massive cuts in funding for PBS and NPR, this country's public television and radio services respectively. PBS produces children's shows such as Sesame Street and Clifford the Big Red Dog. When we let our children watch television we prefer them to watch the PBS children's shows rather than the dross put out by the commercial networks. Furthermore, PBS has some of the best, most educational, computer games around on their web site. The cuts the Republicans are proposing would directly effect such educational efforts.

Congress tried something like this last year and failed because of a massive public outcry. This all comes about because of a perceived liberal slant in the public media. Basically the Republicans don't like being made to look bad. What they don't seem to understand is that they look bad in ALL media outlets, including on the right-wing Fox network... And to say funding public broadcasting costs funding for health and welfare programs is nonsense. The public broadcasting budget is a miniscule part of the Federal budget. How about they go after the massive amounts of pork they introduce into the budget every year?

If you're in the US and want to tell Congress to keep their hands off PBS and NPR, you can sign an electronic petition at

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JollyRgr said...

If I were there I'd be first online to sign....sadly of late we seem to follow your country's idiotic policies so I guess we're next!