Thursday, August 05, 2010

Right, I'm off then.

Okay, so you probably realized from my last post that the blog is moving. I'm off to This is a homegrown science news site run by Brian Krueger. Brian invited me to set up shop over there. He already has an impressive (and young) group of bloggers - go check them out. My new home is here. I'll continue to blather on incessantly about the things that interest me, while simultaneously raising the average age of the bloggers at LabSpaces.

Later today I'll be changing the RSS feed on this site to point over to the new blog. This site will remain and I'll pop over to check on things every now and then. But all new posts will be at my new home.

See you on the other side!

And Blogger, thanks for all the fish.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Wanted: good moving company.

Must be good at moving glass without breaking it. Especially glass filled with a variety of beverages. Mostly beer.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A successful brainwashing

I have had an exceedingly bright undergrad working in my lab over the summer. This week is her last before heading off to her home institution. Today she told me she didn't want to leave. She wants to stay and try to figure out what the enigmatic protein she's been working with really does.

Yes!!!!!!!!!! (Odyssey pumps fist in air)

Of course, she'll head back to her home at the end of the week. Maybe she'll come back next summer...

Demise of The Academic Jungle

GMP has taken down her blog, The Academic Jungle. In her final post she asserted that academic/science blogging (as she sees it) has little or no significance. That the disappearance of such blogging won't make any difference.*

Perhaps that's true for her, but not for me.

I am continually learning a lot from other blogs. Reading about the trials, tribulations and triumphs of tenure-track faculty as chronicled at Prof-like Substance, Professor In Training, Blue Labcoats, ChemBiLOLogy and The Prodigal Academic has no doubt had a positive effect upon my interactions with junior faculty at my institution. I've learned much about women in science from some of the same blogs, plus Isis and Zuska. Drugmonkey and Comrade PhysioProf have dispensed invaluable advice on obtaining funding, particularly from the NIH. And Janet Stemwedel's Adventures in Ethics and Science blog is always food for thought.

In addition, the interactions I have had with people in the comments sections of this and numerous other blogs have in general been a blast.

My own blog has allowed me to share frustrations and triumphs, dispense advice unasked, and generally blather and pontificate. Maybe not useful for others, but certainly cathartic for me.

Blogging and reading academic/science blogs have significance for me.

* Hopefully I'm not getting her comments wrong or out of context. Since her blog no longer exists I'm having to go by memory - I read the post last night.

Monday, August 02, 2010

What? But... Hang on a sec...

I go away on vacation (hmmmmm, vacation.... sun, beer, sand, beer, waves, beer, seafood, beer and beer...) and all hell breaks loose.

Well, maybe not hell. But a whole new blog collective just... appeared. Scientopia. And many of my favorite science bloggy types have moved there. I was going to list them but Bora over at A Blog Around the Clock has already done so here.

Tres cool.