Friday, September 14, 2007

An ISBN all of my own

Remember "The Book"? The one I'm editing, with chapters contributed by nine other groups (plus one from me)? After an effort akin to herding cats, I finally got all the chapters from the authors, eventually even in the right format (apparently scientists can't follow simple, clear instructions...). Now it's all at the publishers. They've announced the book on their website with publication due in the first quarter of 2008. And it has been assigned an ISBN! That makes it real, right?


JollyRgr said...

A book....a book....huzzah!
Let's gambol gaily around throwing rose petals into the air. One day I hope to read a book:-)

Seriously though....good job bro!!!

Milo said...

my book will be out around 11.27.07. It's a pain in the ass to publish a book. you're a good dude for sticking with it.

you wouldn't believe how many times I got generic emails from our editor bitching about people not following format rules. I guess scientists are terrible about following directions.


Odyssey said...

I'll leave the gay gamboling to you JollyRgr - you're so good at it. Don't forget to wear the puffy sleeves. :-)

Doc, yes, publishing a book is a royal pain in the nether regions. It did give me the opportunity to contact a number of well-known people in the area to ask them to write chapters. Most of them actually did. And as far as following format rules goes, that was probably a bigger pain than getting people to submit in the first place! This is not something I will do again anytime soon.*

* Note that I haven't said I'll never do it again...

mouthfulofpancake said...

(whincing at the thought of jollyrgr gamboling gaily....)
Well done!! Must be a weight off your shoulders!I have enough problems with a three page uni assignment!!

Goose said...

Congrats Big Bro'!