Thursday, August 06, 2009

iPhone apps

I have a question for my iPhone-wielding compadres: what apps do you find truly useful? Other than the ones that come standard.

I've grown partial to the following:

Evernote - particularly useful since it automagically syncs with my laptop via the internet. Good for recording notes, saving web pages etc. A useful catchall and organizer for information.

TripIt - useful as long as you're comfortable with them potentially having access to your travel info. It's also available on LinkedIn if you happen to have an account there. I like the built-in flight status and map features.

UrbanSpoon - for when you're traveling and have a need for good Thai food...


Milo said...

Harbormaster, Paper Toss, and Pocket God.


Odyssey said...

Rrrrright... Getting much work done Milo? :-)

Milo said...

the new harbormaster incorporated pocket god, but i haven't figured out how yet... ;o)