Sunday, January 06, 2008

Believe it or not...

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Awarded by my good friend DocStymie who has also won one.

According to The Shameless Lions Writing Circle, who originated the award, it is given for "blogs we love, can't live without, where we think the writing is good and powerful." I'm not quite sure how my little piece of the blogosphere qualifies, but I am very honored.

Apparently awardees are supposed to list "three things they believe are necessary to make writing good and powerful." I'm sure my three are far from unique and may perhaps even be considered cliched, but they are the three that top my list.

Good and powerful writing...

contains truth.

I'm a scientist. What I do is pursue truth, so perhaps I'm biased. But I do believe powerful writing contains truth. Truth isn't always welcome or pretty. We often hide it, or hide from it. But ultimately it cannot be denied.

is about life.

Life as we know it, life as it was, life as we hope it will be, or life as we hope it will never be. In some way, be it in small part or in whole, good and powerful writing is about life.

possesses humor.

Paraphrasing Blackadder, life without humor is like a broken pencil.

DocStymie inspired me to start a blog, in part because his writing embodies the three aspects of good and powerful I've listed. Thanks Doc.


mouthfulofpancake said...

Congratulations big bro!!!

Jeff Seale said...

well deserved, dude. I'm glad you're doing this.

JollyRgr said...

I think you forgot the 'fourth' powerful ingredient in writing

PIRATES!!!!!!!!! aaarrrrghh

Good job bro......I like reading it and I'm glad you're doing this too:-)

Goose said...

Well done! It's well deserved... Your writing has always been insightful and funny.

Unknown said...

I have not visited your blog earlier, but n reading this post I went around and checked a few of your posts.

Commendable writing, indeed!