Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh dear...

As of this moment, my blog is the top hit for Google searches using:

"how many papers needed for tenure"
"papers needed for tenure"
"papers for tenure"

and number two for:

"how many papers for tenure"

Not that I care that people find my blog that way (I get 4-5 hits a day from people using those searches - and might even get more now with this post). It's more concerning that there are that many people who think they can find the answer on the internet.

Oh, and for those who find this post using such a search, read this.


Goose said...

Seriously? You were Googling your own blog?

Anonymous said...

Q:"How many papers do you need for tenure?"

A1: More than you have now

A2: More than your senior colleagues needed.

Odyssey said...

No, no Goose. That Sitemeter thing that counts how many hits I get also let's me see how people found my blog. I really do get 4 or 5 people a day trying to find out how many papers they need for tenure.

Anonymous - correct!

Anonymous said...

A3 (when in the USA): Twice as many as the American applying for the same position.